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Eujeoung and Robbie The Wetland Centre 16th May 2015

By michelle broom, May 18 2015 06:56PM

So saturday Natalie and I went to The Wetland cenre in London, what an amazing place to have a weddng, so different from other venues we go to.

Eunjeong looked lovely and Robbie was the Perfect Groom waiting to meet his bride.

We used Memory Lane Roses, Ocean song roses, Ivory Spray Roses and lots of Gypsophilia and the theme worked really well in the venue.

After the ceremony we was able to reuse alot of the gypsophila around the ceremony area.

i have to say its the first time we have had to decorate a canoe.

So Natalie says we should write a book about the strange goings on as we work. Well saturday was no exception, there we are sitting outside the Ritz in traffic on our way home from a perticually great day and all of a sudden I felt this sneeze come from nowhere, well it was so loud a guy on a motor bike next to me fell off lol come on you have to admit that is funny

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