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By michelle broom, May 26 2015 09:46PM

Friday Kellie made all of our lovely Bride Kirstys Moustache and Lip chocolate favours, note to self Moustaches are hard, very hard to do, they are thiner in the middle and have a tendancy to break, needless to say many laughs were had during the day. as well as this we had a few hundred sashes to iron and fold.

Saturday was prep day, Natalie arrived bright and early latte in hand prepared to begin a very long day, next to arrive was Kellie, and Jade a little later. finishing around 3pm and just a little under 100 arrangements well on their way to being finished.

Brian and I still hadnt finished as we made a mad dash to deliver bouquets and buttonholes to Dartford and Deptford so as to not miss our blushing bride and groom.

By now you would hope I could have 5 minutes break but hey ho no such luck, i finished off Mondays prep insteeed zzzzzzzzzzzzz no sleep for me :-(

Sunday morning came round rather too soon with a 4.40am text from our bride, oh dear here we go......

Natatlie and I made our way to The Luton hoo (omg what a beautiful venue)

Kellie then took a team comprising of Brian, Sarah and Jade to The China Boulevade in Wandsworth.

Now Kellie had her share of issues including the mamouth task of 300 chair covers in a small space of time, as the resturant was still open to customers for lunch. But down at Luton Hoo, well what can I say it was all down to nature...

After setting up our Chuppah Framework we began the draping only to find the heavens open and a huge downpoor that saw the Luton Hoo Staff pop off to the hut for coffee, Natalie and I on the other hand carried on - me and my timings Tut tut tut. I must admit second time the rain started I downed tools.

So after an epic ride on a golf buggy, ceremony area decorated we retreated to the Romovic Room to decorate for the reception and was we pleased when Brian arrived to give us a hand .....

So after the Reception we fought the Chelsea Football Crowd to take all the flowers to Wandsworth so as our bride was able to have value for money from all her flowers that we provided.

We had a couple of hours at home only to then go back to Wandsworth at 12am to break down from Hien and Jasons wedding. magical day all round.

Monday saw us deliverying to Gosfield Hall, the Wonderful Kirsty and David, cousins of my great friend Helen.

Kirstys bouquet included the amazing Lady Moon Roses, wow did they make my weekend a definate must for all ladies who love Roses and Peonys...

Kirsty and David also had our Two Fishbowl and Jenga block guest book, all their guests had the opportunity to write on a Jenga block and leave them as message so as they could use them to build a life together, I love this idea xx

By michelle broom, May 18 2015 06:56PM

So saturday Natalie and I went to The Wetland cenre in London, what an amazing place to have a weddng, so different from other venues we go to.

Eunjeong looked lovely and Robbie was the Perfect Groom waiting to meet his bride.

We used Memory Lane Roses, Ocean song roses, Ivory Spray Roses and lots of Gypsophilia and the theme worked really well in the venue.

After the ceremony we was able to reuse alot of the gypsophila around the ceremony area.

i have to say its the first time we have had to decorate a canoe.

So Natalie says we should write a book about the strange goings on as we work. Well saturday was no exception, there we are sitting outside the Ritz in traffic on our way home from a perticually great day and all of a sudden I felt this sneeze come from nowhere, well it was so loud a guy on a motor bike next to me fell off lol come on you have to admit that is funny

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